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38 Silhouette 

Daily Oracle Cards
by Gareth Lewis 
Illustrations by Lisa Cole©

These oracle cards are the first in Gareth's Silhouette collection.

With the help and talent of Lisa, Gareth added his own inspirational words to the cards.

We hope you enjoy using them to help you on a daily basis.

Enjoy these beautiful Encaustic Spirit Art designed cards with empowering daily messages guiding you in the direction you need to make your day a better one.

In this uplifting and colourful pack of cards you will find your day will help bring more love, healing & compassion not only to self but others.​

Each card has been inspired by spirit and beautifully created by Lisa Cole.

Encaustic Spirit Art by ©Lisa Cole


Lisa's journey into the wonderful world of encaustic wax art began in 2017 after attending a workshop at a spiritual retreat where with a small amount of pink wax was melted on an iron and then spread onto a piece of white card and Lisa stood there in amazement at what she saw, a wonderful image of a native American in full head gear, this was her black eagle which is the name of one of lisa's spirit guides. From then on she was hooked and her passion for this wonderful art grew and grew to the point where Lisa now teaches this wonderful craft and assist others to lose themselves in the images which appear. "I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with galleries and other shops who stock the wonderful cards and artwork". But Lisa feels the journey really began in 2021 where she had the opportunity to work with a very successful medium to create a stunning and very personal Oracle Deck, one of the proudest moments of her life. You can purchase Lisa's work by contacting her through Facebook or her Website.

"Every day I am inspired and amazed at what can be achieved with encaustic wax and I hope this ancient form of art will earn its way back to popularity soon." Lisa Cole.

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